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Voodoo CeremonyVoodoo rituals are available in two categories:

  • Authentic
  • Entertainment

Authentic: ritual services may include anything from weddings, to special blessings, to uncrossing (hex removals), to celebratory or any special request. Such events and services are not preformed by the museum but are arranged via contacts with local practitioners including contemporary Voodoo Queens. The nature and cost of such arrangements vary significantly. Negative or harmful request will not be entertained. Please contact us via this website for inquiries and details.

Rituals in the local area that may occur independently, if open to the public, will be announced, if possible, on either our blog or newsletter. 

Entertainment: these are more colorful and exotic rituals, recreating the dancing and music of the traditional 19th century New Orleans Voodoo rituals. While emphasize is placed on the dancers and musicians, in most cases, many of participants are, in fact, Voodooist.  The size and degree of the production can vary significantly. These are most commonly used with Convention Services, private parties, cultural events and movie productions. Please contact us via this website for inquiries and details.

Babydoll Cinnamon
Snake Dancer and Drummer


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