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Apr 03

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Posted by gmg in comments

Ritual CandleHave you visited the museum? Have you used our services? Post your comments here and share your experience.


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coming to New Orleans
I am Senior V.P. of WRPBradio/tv and we will be coming to New Orleans to do our expose "Experience New Orleans WRPBradio Style" We were told that the trip would not be complete without a visit to The Voodoo Museum. With that said I would like to schedule a time to come in and speak with you and get some info for the expose as well as tour the museum. I hate to admit I have never been to New Orleans and am looking forward to doing this assignment.
Check us out at
Wane F. , March 30, 2009
a rare find
I am still gleaming with excitement over my last trip, cultural exchange lecture and magical-meetings-musings in New Orleans; you are truly a rare find, and I value your treasures of knowledge, resources and friendship. Thank you so much for your ushering...I have come home and purged the info and formatted myself a curriculum just from our meeting have inspired a lot of homework! And oh my goodness thank you for the photos...and the Marie Laveau genealogy, I have such a clearer perspective and Grand respect of her contributions and legacy of she and other Women of color of the ilk.
continued peace and abundant blessings!
Regina C.
Congo Square West
Oakland, CA
Regina , March 30, 2009
Requesting an interview
I work for Kerrang Radio in the UK . The reason I am emailing you is because we would love the opportunity to interview you about Voodoo. Voodoo is something I have always been fascinated by and since the change of law in America, we would love to talk to you because you seem to definitely know your stuff on the subject.
Amy J.
Kerrang Radio
The Night Before
Bauer Radio Ltd
Amy , March 30, 2009
wikipedia entry
I am a student of Anthropology at Kansas State University. I have chosen to edit the Wikipedia article on Louisiana Voodoo as a project for my religion class. While I have added a lot of information to the article, it is by no means complete. I know that voodoo is often misunderstood, thus I want to do it justice by portraying it accurately. If you would like to take a look at the page, it would be much appreciated. Feel free to leave comments on the page or email me with comments. Here is the link to the page:
Kansas State University
Abby , March 30, 2009
I am a cultural anthropologist. My fiancée and I will be coming to New Orleans in March. We recently saw a program on the Travel Channel in which a couple was married in your museum and were wondering if you still offer this service.
Rebecca H.
Rebecca , March 30, 2009
loved my visit
Hi, folks. I toured your museum some years back for a story; I'm a travel writer. I was fascinated by the museum. I'm currently working for the Austin American-Statesman, and they're sending me back to do some more stories. I'd like very much to revisit the voodoo museum.
Helen , April 07, 2009
Our intention is to make a report about The Historic Voodoo Museum. We have seen your page in the web and we think it's great! And we really like the idea of supporting New Orleans in any case after Katrina, to show how you have rebuilt yourselves and to confirm the city as a destination for people who travel from Spain to the rest of the world.
Celia B. & Elena A.
No Solo Musica
LAU Producciones
Telecinco España
Madrid, Spain
No Solo Musica , April 07, 2009
Bons Plans
I'm journalist for a French TV program called "Bons Plans". This program talks about travels and tourism.
We'd really like to talk about your museum, specially the spiritual services and tours you propose. It would be very interesting to show and discover the religion of Voodoo by the knowledge of Charles Gandolfo. By discovering your museum and yourself, we can introduce Voodoo to French audiences, but also suggest what king of original visit sightseers might do in New Orleans. So it would be so interesting to discover your museum with you and understand why Voodoo is so important in New Orleans. Then you could show us how you make gris-gris. Do you think we could assist to a gris-gris fabrication, or a private consultation? After we could go out of the museum, and you could convey us to visit the tomb of Marie Laveau, and see the house where she lived or made gris-gris and held ceremonies. Congo square would be very interesting and other places.
After this lovely week in New Orleans, we came back in France this Sunday morning. I want to thank you again for your kindness and availability. I would have liked to see you again before we left New Orleans, but our week was too busy. Thanks again,

Marie D.
Bon Plans
Paramount Pictures
Paris, France
Marie , April 07, 2009
We are so thrilled that all of you will be a part of our "Giada's Weekend Getaways" episode in New Orleans. On the new Food Network program … we will be shooting in New Orleans May. “Giada¹s Weekend Getaways” is a stylish, smart and elegantly paced series that joins Giada De Laurentiis on exciting three-day weekends around the US. Each episode focuses on a single destination highlighting the “must do” experiences in each locale. We will shoot Giada getting a reading Sunday. We will arrive at the Voodoo Museum at 6:00pm. We would also like to comeback to the museum to just shoot broll of the museum and its artifacts for about an hour.
Jenna K.
“Giada¹s Weekend Getaways”
Colorado Productions
Jenna , April 07, 2009 | url
Haunted Spots book
I am currently working on a book related to haunted spots. Naturally, New Orleans is featured in it. I wanted to include contact information for the museum. I remember Charles discussing Voodoo and was so impressed with his knowledge that I feel any visitor to New Orleans should include the museum in their tour.
Kathleen W.
Publisher, Global Authors Publications
Kathleen , April 07, 2009 | url
Hello - I hope you remember who I am - You gave my daughter and I a fantastic tour - and I am trying to have you brought in as a guest speaker here at WMU - (that is in fact in the works and when the year resumes in Sept. they will be contacting you). I wanted to say THANK YOU for your very interesting tour! I spoke to the person responsible for hosting the guest lecturer here at WMU during the next academic year - and she is very interested in what you might offer.
Candy L
Western Michigan.
Candy , April 07, 2009 | url
I am a Producer for Starz Entertainment and we are having our annual Fear Fest event on Starz. This year the theme is Haunted America and we will be down in New Orleans, and were very interested in your participation in discussing the Voodoo and the Cemetery Tour.
Scott H.
Senior Producer
Starz Entertainment
Scott , April 07, 2009 | url
It was great to talk to you and hear all about your fascinating museum. I thought I would send you some more information about our programme. We are making a travel documentary for 'RTE' Ireland's national broadcaster.
Isabel P.
Northern Ireland
Isabel , April 07, 2009 | url
I am a very young magic and voo doo lover.
I try my best to follow up on whats happening and always try to use voo doo and magical arts for good.It has always been my dream to visit a place or museum like at New Orleans Historic Voo doo museum. One day and i hope soon i would like to visit and talkk to someone who is experienced in the fine arts
J , November 22, 2009

I have read the comments and just thought I would add a little extra, It's been a number of years since my wife and I have been to the musuem and hope to return after the first of the year again. We had the pleasure of staying in the quaters behind the Museum and our experience with the staff was a very warm and friendly adventure. Excuse me but I never caught one of your readers last names but I remember her 1st which I believe was Margret. A very friendly addition to your staff.
Thank & hope to visit again Soon
Papa Bones , December 02, 2009 | url
I grew up in New Orleans but currently live in another state. When my son decided to do a school report on Voodoo, there was no place else to turn but back home. Gerald gave us an incredible tour and education on the topic. Everything was authentic, not Hollywood!
KDawson , January 01, 2010
Me and my mom went on that tour and loved it!
We went down to New Orleans just to see the tour. Money well spent. I had so much fun that i had made a new friend down there (i say down there because i live in ohio).Her name is vanessa. Thanks for the great tour. But i'm 12,so i must say never go though burben St at night. I saw some things I didnt really need to see so not to scare you away i'm just saying if you take a kid with u be careful. other than that it was great. i hope to go and see it again sometime but this time recored it to remember it forever. THANKS GUYS!!!!:-):-P;-)
Jerah H. , January 06, 2010

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